Metallic Strip Container Seals

We can supply small or large volumes with minimal notice, Australia wide.

Keep your cargo safe from left with our container seals.

COST: $0.40 + GST per Seal + Delivery

  • Cannot be disengaged by intrusion or manipulation and no risk of piercing with pins etc to interfere with the mechanism.
  • Cannot be dismantled or cut without obvious traces.
  • Inspection holes for checking that seal is correctly locked and has not been tampered with.
  • Hear the positive click as the seal snaps locked.
  • See the tips of the locking ‘T’ appear under the inspection holes.
  • Feel the definite free movement for checking.
  • Know that you now have complete security that can be checked at any time.

Metallic Strip Container Seals

Metallic Strip Container Seals Specifications:


Metallic Strip

Stainless steel


Suited for:
Use to seals shipping containers, rail containers and truck doors, all seals have their own unique number.  Meets most international country regulations for the sealing of shipping containers.  Will withstand subzero and boiling temperatures.  

Cannot be disengaged by intrusion or manipulation. Cannot be dismantled or cut without obvious traces.  Inspection holes ensure correct locking of seal

$0.40 + GST per seal + delivery.
(100% of GST can be claimed back upon export)

Minimum order

Australian wide delivery to all capital cities, all regional cities, all states, we can deliver anywhere.